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Fine Art Photography of Chicago Landscape and Architecture

Photographer Notes: 

My Scenic Fine Art Photographs are Black & White, Color and Sepia—often a combination in one picture. This creates the illusion of an image within an image.

Please note that each image is a Single Photograph—a single shot. Other than adding Black & White or Sepia toning, and increasing contrast and saturation, No Manipulation is done. I mention this because I believe in the purity of Photography: Capturing a scene with one click of the camera shutter—no fakery.

When taking my Photographs, I look for a combination of shape, texture and color (or light and dark) coming together and playing off one another. You will often see in my Photos, multiple Architectural and Landscape elements converging.

Popular favorites include my Chicago Skyline Pictures. I also shoot great pictures of Landscape and Water, including the very scenic Chicago River and the Chicago Lakefront of Lake Michigan. These bodies of water provide great scenes for Architectural and Landscape Photography—a treat in a big city.

Enjoy my photos, which are available as free downloads, and for purchase as prints in many finishes. Click an image thumbnail for information on the subject of that picture, and on how to purchase my Fine Art Photography.

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